Sybil Cavanagh

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Nominated for Category E: Lifetime Contribution to the Historic Environment by West Lothian Family History Society.

The term “Heritage Angel” perfectly describes Sybil Cavanagh, who was the cherished Local History Librarian in West Lothian for twenty six years.  Sybil is a true enthusiast for Scottish heritage, including social, built and industrial heritage. Her reading and research on every conceivable aspect of West Lothian in primary and secondary sources is unparalleled, as is her work in the field, locating and photographing buildings and monuments in danger of disappearing from the landscape.

Under Sybil’s influence, heritage groups have flourished and new ones have been steered through their early years to become well established. Despite heavy work and family commitments, Sybil has worked with local groups late into the evening, giving freely of her expertise with astonishing patience and generosity.