Margaret Curtis

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Nominated for Category E: Lifetime Contribution to the Historic Environment by Urras Tac Chalanais.

Margaret has devoted over 40 years to single-mindedly researching prehistoric sites around her home in Callanish.  Her initial extensive field survey located the lost most Easterly stone of Callanish 1 and the tip of another stone that had been lost for 100 years. She was involved in publishing the first book solely about the Callanish stones.  Her astronomical and archaeological research finally answered many of the questions about the Callanish complex providing strong evidence for why the stone circles were sited where they were in relation to features on the horizon and how prehistoric people used the stone rings as focal points for ceremonies linked with the moon or to record significant events such as midsummer or midwinter sunrise or sunset. This led on to the prediction and ultimate discovery of more sites in the Callanish area.