Dr Janet Trythall

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Nominated for Category E: Lifetime Contribution to the Historic Environment by the Moray Society, Elgin Museum, and Aberdeenshire Council Archaeology Service.

Janet Trythall IS Elgin Museum - a volunteer for 25 years and member of the Board of The Moray Society, who own and manage the Museum, for nearly 20 years. She is Vice-President of the Society, an ex officio member of the Museum’s Finance and Management Committees, minutes every meeting, is the “weel kent face” of the Museum and always knows what’s happening! Janet is passionate about local history, heritage, archaeology and particularly geology. Now in her 70th year, her work rate shows no signs of slowing! She is incredibly encouraging and reassuring to the (few) staff and numerous volunteers, always takes time to get to know each volunteer, their strengths and interests. She deals with all of the “red tape” and policy issues, coordinated the revision of Elgin Museums’ Constitution and ensures the continued accreditation status of the Museum.