Alasdair Cameron

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Nominated for Category E: Lifetime Contribution to the Historic Environment by Killearnan Community Council.

Alasdair’s passions are broad – from Bronze Age metalworking on the Black Isle to Canadian Forestry Camps in the Highlands. He demonstrates these passions in a quiet way, mentioning something he has seen, recorded or found, and inevitably enthusing others around him.

For example, as a Board Member of Archaeology for Communities in the Highlands he is developing a project to record quernstones in the Highlands He has arranged for displays and outreach at the Black Isle Show, at vintage machinery displays, and at other events which might not otherwise be tapped by heritage groups. By discussing this passion at other unusual places, such as board meetings of non-heritage groups he is associated with, he has fired the enthusiasm of others and led to a number of people reporting objects.