Hebridean Connections

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Nominated for Category D: Capacity Building - Projects demonstrating sharing of skills with volunteers.


Hebridean Connections is a project which is tackling social isolation and building community capacity in remote rural communities by bringing volunteers of all ages together to learn from each other through the medium of digital heritage information.

The volunteers behind the project are delivering an innovative website, now a major resource for genealogical and local history information for the Outer Hebrides. Over 100 volunteers are currently involved in the project, and the website now contains over 40,000 records.

The team is working with local health services to develop ways in which a shared interest in the history of the Outer Hebrides can provide a focus for joint activities which promote wellbeing. Hebridean Connections is building community capacity by developing skills, reducing social isolation and promoting wellbeing, all of which seek to improve people’s quality of life.