Here We Are

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Nominated for Category C: Sharing and Celebrating - Volunteer-led projects promoting local history, architecture and archaeology.

Here We Are for Our Houses: Their Stories

The Here We Are community group is involved in a range of projects and initiatives in the Cairndow area. These initiatives aim to empower the local community, make it self-sustaining in the future and ensure its keep vital connections to our past.

Our houses: their stories was a two year project to make a historic record of all 107 houses in Cairndow, Argyll and importantly a biography of those who lived – and live – in them, their livelihoods and their occupations.

A focused and dynamic community project team made sure that they got the best expert advice at national and local level. They applied this expert knowledge and skills to engage with the people in all 107 houses to transcribe their stories and record their buildings to industry standards. Their meticulous efforts have created a valuable process model for other local communities. Significantly, beyond the immediate impressive heritage results, the real strength and value of the Here We Are project was to increase the feeling of pride and value in their village.