Forres Heritage Trust Ltd.

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Nominated for Category B: Caring and Protecting - Volunteer-led involvement in saving/restoring heritage sites and buildings.

In 2009, two of the casualties of the local authority budget cuts were the Nelson Tower monument and The Tolbooth in Forres.  Nelson Tower, a famous landmark in Forres was closed to visitors. The Tolbooth, once the focal point of the town and the site of justice with a courtroom and cells had been used for storage and allowed to fall into disrepair.

In 2010 a public meeting was organised to gauge the community’s views on having the Tower and the Tolbooth restored and reopened for use by local people. Forres Heritage Trust was formed in November 2010.

The Trust organised a working party for the Tower and one for the Tolbooth. All the volunteers work with a passion in their respective areas.  Nelson Tower, standing as it does in an elevated position overlooking Forres, is once again a place worth visiting.

The Tolbooth group set about transforming a neglected and run-down building into a very useable community asset that it is today.  Each volunteer is valued for their contribution to the project, whatever role they play.