Joseph Thomson Group

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Nominated for Category A: Investigating and Recording - Volunteer/community-based projects recording local history and heritage.

The Joseph Thomson Group for Keir Community Council

The members of the Joseph Thomson Group have done an invaluable amount of work investigating and recording local history. Apart from researching the life of local famous son Joseph Thomson they have conducted interviews with locals about past ways of life, and researched the lives and family connections of various figures from the past.   In the meantime, local events, such as galas, talks and performances are recorded. Subjects range from love and marriage to work, from village life to farming practices, from commercial to social and religious practices, from maids to members of the peerage and from civic to military life and are recorded in the written word, in images and as audio-visuals, all of which are now available in the Heritage Centre. By slowly building up a network of connections they are making history relevant to all the lives of the current community.