Dean of Guild Court Plans Volunteer Group

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Nominated for Category A: Investigating and Recording - Volunteer/community-based projects recording local history and heritage.

Dean of Guild Court Plans Volunteer Group for Fife Cultural Trust

Two years ago this small group of dedicated volunteers set about assessing Dunfermline’s 5000Dean of Guild Court Plan Records for conservation and collecting key information from them, which they have recorded in a publically searchable database. This has meant that information previously unavailable to the public, without visiting the archive centre and physically looking at the plans, can now be searched online. The volunteers also decided to transcribe Dunfermline’s “Master of Works Registers” which are associated with the Dean of Guild Court Plans, providing even more information to the public about the city’s built architecture. This work is now near completion, with over 1000 pages of entries transcribed.

Not only are they making a huge contribution to the understanding of our local heritage, but they are passing their knowledge on to new, young volunteers and are always happy to make themselves available to others who are researching aspects of local history.