Falkirk Townscape Heritage

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Shortlisted Category B: Best Rescue of an Historic Building or Place – over £2million

Falkirk town centre, like many across Scotland, faces unprecedented challenges. Its historic core was declining as a result of empty retail properties and a lack of investment in its traditional buildings. The Falkirk THI/CARS steering group was formed in 2013 to take forward an ambitious programme of revitalising the town centre. The team worked hard to convince property owners to apply for a grant and commit to improving their properties, and their outreach activities had a catalytic effect on the futures of local young people.

Twenty-seven young vulnerable people from Loretto Care, who face homelessness issues, attended construction crafts taster courses. As a direct result of this, 12 have gone on to apply for full-time education courses. In the words of their support worker, ‘this course has without a doubt changed the course of some of these young people’s lives, we cannot thank you enough for this opportunity.’

The work of Falkirk THI/CARS has given the town a much needed lift. Challenges still remain but it has laid a wonderful foundation for the future.


B2. Falkirk Townscape Heritage Initiative from Scottish Heritage Angel Awards on Vimeo.