Campbeltown Community Business Ltd.

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Shortlisted Category B: Best Rescue of an Historic Building or Place – over £2million

Thirty years ago, the Campbeltown Picture House was threatened with closure when it was rescued by Campbeltown Community Business Ltd. Although this community group did its best to maintain the building, it slowly degraded over time to the point where its future lay in serious doubt. Luckily, thanks to their persistence, a funding package was put together which allowed the full restoration of the building, including its dramatic and unique art deco frontage. A second cinema was added, as well as a large multi-purpose education room, together with new energy-saving technologies that help the building run more efficiently. The Picture House re-opened in December 2017 and is once more a key part of Campbeltown’s social life, and a stunning icon on the waterfront.


B1. Campbeltown Community Business Ltd from Scottish Heritage Angel Awards on Vimeo.